Soil Tests and Site Classifications

Site Classifications

Site Classifications for Residential Developments in Accordance with AS2870-2011 "Residential Slabs and Footings"

New Dwellings

Site Classification, Geology, Groundwater, Foundation Bearing Capacities and Construction Recommendations. 

Extensions and Additions

Soil Testing for Modification and/or Additions to Existing Structures/Dwellings 

Footing probes

Footing probes (of Shallow Footings) are Recommended for Upper Storey Extensions or Excavations Adjacent to Existing Structures.

Distress Dwellings

Inspection by a Chartered Geotechnical Engineer, Classification of Damage, Assessment of Potential Causes of Distress and Recommendations for Remedial Works 

Percolation Tests

Percolation Tests are undertaken to Estimate the Soil Percolation Rate and Hydraulic Conductivity. They are Sometimes Required in Residential or Commercial Developments

Inground Pools

We Can Do the Soil Test for Your New Pool

Retaining Walls

We can Provide the Soil Parameters Required by the Structural Engineer. 


We Assess Excavation Characteristics, Groundwater Conditions, Geology, Types of Retaining Systems and so forth.

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