Geotechnical Assessment for Landslide Hazards
Erosion Management Overlay

Geotechnical Assessment for Landslide Hazards (EMO)

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These investigations are required when your project is located within an Erosion Management Overlay. Due to the complexity of these type of geological problems, it is usually recommended by the industry and councils to undertake an initial basic investigation to assess potential hazards. If no major hazard is found, the report can be finalised with recommendations for design and construction. If major hazards are found, a complete landslide risk assessment will be recommended to be undertaken.


We offer two options for investigation: 1) investigations for small projects such as additions, decks, carports, above ground pools, sheds, etc and 2) investigations for major projects such as residential developments, new dwellings, inground pools, etc.

Our Reports follow the Australian Geomechanics Society Guidelines. They include:

  • Work Undertaken by a Professional Chartered Geotechnical Engineer.
  • Geotechnical Model.
  • Slope Stability Analysis Using the Latest Geotechnical Software.
  • Assess Whether the Proposed Development Could Contribute to Future Slope Instability or Landslide.
  • Provide Recommendations on How to Develop the Site in Such A Way So as to Manage Slope Instability Related Risks.
  • Risk Management Guidelines as per the Australian Geomechanics Society.
  • Determine If a Comprehensive Landslide Risk Assessment is Required.
  • Provision of the Geotechnical Declaration Form Where Required.