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About A Better Way of Doing Geotechnics



Are you looking for a company that takes weeks to start on your project? Are you looking for a simple report that only dabbles? Or are you are looking for something else? …something better?






Hazten Engineering, we go beyond the standard. You will see that our reports will provide you not only with what you require but more detail, covering from structural aspects to constructability to design limitations.







Hazten Engineering started as a dream to deliver something more than just a soil report to tick the council’s box. We don’t have those large overhead costs from big companies or those complex organisational systems that take days or weeks to deal with. So, you can get a fast and high-quality geotechnical service for a competitive price.


Since our humble start in 2016, we have been growing our clientele from small builders and developers to architects to structural engineers to the every day person looking to get their soil test for their new home.


We welcome you